Mario Kart Wii (マリオカートWii Mario KāTo Wī) Is A Racing Video Game Developed And Published By Nintendo For The Wii. It Is The Sixth Installment In The Mario Kart Series, And Was Released Worldwide In April 2008. Like Its Previous Installments Of Games, Mario Kart Wii Incorporates.

Who Participate In Kart Races On Various Race Tracks Using Specialized Items To Hinder Opponents Or Gain Advantages. The Game Features Multiple Single-Player And Multiplayer Game Modes. Online Multiplayer Via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Was Available At Launch, But Was Discontinued In May 2014.

Mario Kart Wii Is A Kart Racing Game Featuring Single-Player And Multiplayer Modes. The Players Control Of One Of Many Selectable Mario Franchise Characters And Participate In Races Or Battles Using Karts Or Bikes On Courses Thematically Based On Locations From The Mario Franchise.

Views The Action From A Third-Person Perspective That Tracks The Player From Behind His Or Her Kart. The Player Can Perform Tricks While Driving That Produce Speed Boosts, Such As Mi Air Stunts, Drifting, Slipstreaming, And Wheelies (Bikes Only).While Driving, The Player Collects.

Mario Kart Wii [Wii] (Size: 2.67 GB)