Uncharted 2-Among-Thieves-ps3-dvd

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Video Game Developed By Naughty Dog And Published By Sony Computer Entertainment For The Playstation 3 Game Console. The Sequel To Uncharted: Drake’S Fortune, It Was First Shown And Announced On December 1, 2008. Officially Announced In The January 2009 Issue Of Game Informer, It Was Released.

The Story Follows Nathan Drake, As He Travels Around The World, Along With Chloe Frazer And Old Friends Elena Fisher And Victor Sullivan To Find The Fabled Cintimani Stone And Shangri-La In A Race Against Serbian Mercenaries. The Plot Draws Heavy Inspiration From Marco Polo And His Travels Through Asia, Which Influence Many Plot Points Along The Way.

A Widespread Critical Success, Uncharted 2 Received Praise For Its Elaborate Set Pieces, Character Design, Storytelling, Graphics, Technical Innovation, And Gameplay Mechanics. It Was Named By Metacritic As The Most Critically Acclaimed Game Of 2009. It Went On To Win The Game Of The Year (Or Equivalent) Award From Each Of The Following: Ign.

Uncharted 2 Is An Action-Adventure Platform Video Game Played From A Third-Person View, With The Player In Control Of Nathan Drake. Drake Is Physically Adept And Is Able To Jump, Climb, And Scale Narrow Ledges And Wall-Faces To Get Between Points. Drake Can Be Equipped With Up To Two Firearms – One Single-Handed And One Two-Handed.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [Ps 3] (Size: 18.38 GB)