Subway Surfers MObile Game Co-Developed By Kiloo, A Private Company Based In Denmark And Sybo Games. It Is Available On Android, Ios, Kindle, And Windows Phoneplatforms. Players Of The Game Take The Role Of Teenage Hooligans Who, Upon Being Caught In The Act Of Applying Graffitito (Tagging) A Metro Railway Site.

The Objective Of The Game Is To Collect Coins And Other Rewards While Running Through An Endless Game World. Trainsand Other Obstacles Must Be Avoided By Performing Well-Timed Jumps (Swipe Up), Rolls (Swipe Down) And Sideways Moves (Swipe Left And Right). Occasionally The Characters Surf On Hoverboards.

Jake The Default Subway Surfers Character And The Mascot Of Kiloo. Jake Appears In Game Icons. All Other Characters Must Be “Unlocked.” This Is Done In One Of Two Ways. Some Characters Are Unlocked Via The Collection Of Character Attributes In The Course Of The Game. An Attribute May Be An Article.

The Inspector And His Dog Chase The Characters. While They Are Always The Same Character, His Uniform Changes According To The Location. During The New Orleans Edition, The Inspector Was Replaced By Frankenstein With A Skeleton Dog. During The Second London Edition He Was Dressed.

Subway Surfers 1.48.3 [Android] (Size: 103.46 MB)