God Of War Developed By Santa Monica Studio And Published By Sony Computer Entertainment (Sce). First Released On March 22, 2005, For The Playstation 2 (Ps2) Console, It Is The First Installment In The Series Of The Same Name And The Third Chronologically. Loosely Based On Greek Mythology, It Is Set Inancient Greece.

The Player Controls The Protagonist Kratos, A Spartan Warrior Who Serves The Olympian Gods. The Goddess Athena Tasks Kratos With Killing Ares, The God Of War, Who Tricked Kratos Into Killing His Own Wife And Child. As Ares Besieges Athens Out Of Hatred For Athena, Kratos Embarks On A Quest To Find The One Object Capable Of Stopping The God.

The Gameplay Of God Of War Focuses On Combo-Based Combat, Achieved Through The Player’S Main Weapon—The Blades Of Chaos—And A Secondary Weapon Acquired Later In The Game. It Features Quick Time Events That Require The Player To Complete Various Game Controller Actions In A Timed Sequence To Defeat Stronger Enemies And Bosses.

Throughout The Game World, The Player Finds Chests Colored Green, Blue, Or Red, And Each Chest Contains Orbs Of The Corresponding Color. Green Orbs Replenish The Player’s Health, Blue Orbs Replenish Magic Allowing Further Usage, And Red Orbs Provide Experience For Upgrading Weapons And Magic—Allowing New, More Powerful Attacks.

God Of War [Ps2] (Size: 6.65 GB)