Battlefield 4 VIdeo Game Developed By Swedish Video Game Developer Ea Digital Illusions Ce(Dice) And Published By Electronic Arts. It Is A Sequel To 2011’S Battlefield 3 And Was Released On October 29, 2013 In North America, October 31, 2013 In Australia, November 1, 2013 In Europe And New Zealand And November 7, 2013.

The Game’S Heads-Up Display (Hud) Is Composed Of Two Compact Rectangles. The Lower Left-Hand Corner Features A Mini-Map And Compass For Navigation, And A Simplified Objective Notice Above It; The Lower Right Includes A Compact Ammo Counter And Health Meter. The Top Right Displays Kill Notifications Of All Players In-Game.

The Mini-Map, As Well As The Main Game Screen, Shows Symbols Marking Three Kinds Of Entities: Blue For Allies, Green For Squadmates, And Orange For Enemies, This Applies To All Interactivity On The Battlefield. Battlefield 4 Options Also Allow Colour-Blind Players To Change The On-Screen Colour Indicators To: Tritanomaly.

The Campaign Features Assignments That Require Specific Actions And Unlock Weapons For Use In Multiplayer Upon Completion. Collectible Weapons Return Along With The Introduction Of Collectible Dog Tags Which Can Be Used In Multiplayer. Weapon Crates Are Found Throughout All Levels, Allowing Players To Obtain Ammo.

Battlefield 4 [Ps 3] (Size: 10.17 GB)