Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Video Game Featuring Marvel Comics Superhero Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Blends Together Four Universes From The Marvel Comics Multiverse, Allowing The Player To Play As Four Different Spider-Men. Known Spider-Man Voice Actors Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel.

The Game Revolves Around An Artifact Known As The Tablet Of Order And Chaos. When It Is Shattered Into Pieces During A Fight Between Spider-Man And Mysterio, It Causes Problems With Multiple Marvel Universe Realities. Madame Webcalls On Four Versions Of Spider-Man From Four Realities To Assist Her In Bringing The Realities.

Shattered Dimensions Received Fairly Positive Reviews From Critics, With Reported Aggregate Scores Averaging 62% To 79% At Gamerankings, And Metacritic Reporting Scores Of 76 Out Of 100 Or Lower. Reviewers Generally Praised The Idea Of Bringing Four Marvel Universes Together, And Lauded The Voice Acting.

The Player Can Control Four Versions Of Spider-Man, Spanning The Amazing, Noir, 2099, And Ultimate Universes.During Key Moments Of Gameplay Shattered Dimensions Switches To A First-Person Perspective. During These Sequences The Player Uses The Analog Sticks To Control The Given Spider-Man’S Arms, Punching Their.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions [Wii] (Size: 2.96 GB)

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